Whether you're looking to buy a primary residence or a second home in Ocean Isle Beach, Sunset Beach, Holden Beach, Shallotte, Oak Island Beach, North Myrtle Beach or any other Waterfront Property. It can be one of the greatest experiences ever. It can also be one of the worst experiences if you don't take careful steps when you purchase a Waterfront Property.

We get excited about the prospect of living near a beautiful body of water. You can overlook some crucial issues. So what are some of the things you should do before signing the bottom line.

Proper Planning

Check out several Properties when shopping for a Waterfront Property. Don't commit to one Property until you've done some comparisons.

You need to learn as much as you can about the Property. Are there any major sources of conflict with local city or county officials that may effect Property use and values, such as zoning, setbacks from the Property lines or Waterfront setbacks. Elevation could be a big issue when it comes to insurance premiums. Is the Property on Public water and sewer or well and septic? If septic where is the tank located and what shape is it in? Is the Property in a flood zone or are there any wetland areas?

These issues may not seem important today but every home buyer can become a home seller, even if you plan to stay there forever.


Are the Property owners happy with there home? If a new home, who built it? It is a good idea if the Waterfront Home is new to stay in touch with the Builder. This way if you have any questions that may come up the Builder may be able to answer.

Also carefully examine details about easements, utilities, building setbacks, zoning or up comming roads. The Property may be zoned incorrectly and if you had a disaster you may not be able to build it back.

A Lakefront buyer should not make assumptions about water access for boating, fishing or other recreation. Some Lakes are at constant level, others experience water level changes in winter months and during drought. Ask which areas have a private or public access and who keeps it up?

Know The Property

Get to know the Property you wan't to purchase by walking over it with a Land Survey. Buyer's who wan't to Build a home, should ensure the type of home to be built is suitable and meets zoning requirements. If there are any restrictive covenants, be sure you know what is allowed.

If you decide to make any changes to the Property such as seawall, deck, pier, gazebo etc. You may need to check with a Builder, CAMA, Shoreline Management Company or Corps Of Engineers for guidelines for getting proper permits.

I have been a Builder on Waterfront Property in the Coastal Areas of North and South Carolina for over 30 Years. It would be a good idea to have a Waterfront Property Specialist to assist you in the purchase of a Waterfront Property. You may find this out to late. If I can be of any assistance with Waterfront Property in the Coastal Areas of North and South Carolina let me Know.

Good Luck with your Waterfront Purchase!